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Bankhead Community Theatre

Bankhead Community Theatre (BCT) is a community driven group that is excited to bring theatrical performances and workshops to the area.


Currently composed of people from Cisco, Clyde, Eastland, and Ranger. 

The troupe is open to everyone.


No theater background or prior experience necessary!

Audition Notice

To read the audition notice and materials in its entirety 
  click the icon below

Audition Notice PDF

2023 Shakespeare in the Park



Why the name Bankhead Community Theatre?

The Bankhead highway is one of the earliest transcontinental highways, and it extended from Washington D.C. to San Diego, California. In doing so, it allowed for easier transportation and culture between communities.

With the road passing through Eastland County, it provided a better connection to Ranger, Eastland, and Cisco, promoting intercommunity exchange and commerce, and it opened our beautiful area to a larger geographic region.

Like its namesake, Bankhead Community Theatre seeks to unite our communities–this time through theater.

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